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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to marketing that utilizes all kinds of digital technologies such as search engines, websites, SNS, emails, and mobile apps. It includes a wide range of channels, such as the advertising of products and brands through emails and mobile apps, as well as through websites and advertisements on the internet. In digital marketing, by collecting and analyzing data from the number of web views, access history, etc., it is possible to grasp what customers are looking for in real time. By visualizing the customer's interests and focus, it becomes possible to perform accurate marketing properly.

Our digital marketing Services for Japanese market

Japanese website design

Website translation

Japanese SEO audit

SEO consulting

External link management

Japanese web ad services (Google Ads / Yahoo Japan advertisement)

SNS (Social Network) marketing

Instagram / Facebook marketing

Blog marketing

Email marketing - Japanese DM (Direct Mail)

Press release

Paid article on major news websites

How Digital Marketing is different from Web Marketing?

The difference between the two concepts of digital marketing and web marketing lies in their target marketing environments.

As the name implies, web marketing focuses on marketing that takes place through a website. The main activities of web marketing are as follows: website creating, SEO (search engine optimization), web advertising, and SNS (Social Network Services, also known as social media) marketing. Digital marketing is a more comprehensive concept than web marketing. It covers all aspects of user behavior through digital technology, and is therefore not limited to the scope of web marketing mentioned above. It includes all user behavior history through the internet, smartphones, tablets, applications, and IoT products.

Through digital marketing, it is possible to reach out to customers through a variety of channels.

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